- Sustainability Matters -

Local sourcing is key: wherever we can, we buy locally. For example, our high quality yarn is spun just five minutes away, keeping green miles low and local suppliers busy. 

Wool is the main raw material in our carpets. It’s a brilliantly sustainable product - especially when farmed where water is plentiful - so we use 50% British wool (it’s extra warm and very hard-wearing) and 50% from New Zealand (whiter, lighter and easy to dye). Natural and recyclable, wool is a winner.

Energy-saving strategies make all round sense. Our voltage optimiser and energy-efficient boiler help to keep production costs low and reduce our impact on the environment.

Water for our site is drawn from our own borehole, so it’s cleaner, purer, and fully sustainable.  

Waste is recycled or reused wherever possible. For example, all our card and paper is recycled – as are waste woollen fibres, which become a fantastic agricultural fertiliser!