- Tradition Meets Technology -

To bring you the finest and most cost-effective products available, Calderdale Carpets combines the best in traditional and contemporary values, resources and people.  


Great customer care is timeless: every Calderdale Carpets client expects and enjoys the finest quality, great value and exemplary service.   


With its rich history of textile production, our site is home to our own dye house and magnificently engineered narrow looms, all working seamlessly alongside state-of-the-art technologies.

The great tradition of local sourcing works perfectly for us and our clients, who love the quality and sustainability it delivers. Our local community welcome it too!


As a Calderdale Carpets client you’ll enjoy the benefits of our stable and vibrant workforce who are proud of their heritage in fine carpet production. 

Our people stay with us, handing on invaluable knowledge and craftsmanship to the fresh, young minds who join our team – and benefitting from their and technological expertise in return.