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Tibor Reich

I was lucky enough to visit this exhibition on Tibor Reich at the Whitworth Gallery, Manchester. It shows in some detail his life works and explores the method behind his ideas. I found the exhibition really inspiring as some of his techniques I used myself in my own university projects.

Tibor Reich (1 October, 1916 – 3 February, 1996) was a pioneering post-war textile designer, who brought modernity into British textiles.

Born in Budapest, Hungary, Reich studied architecture and textiles in Vienna before moving to Britain in 1937. In 1946 he set up Tibor Ltd, introducing bright new colours and textures into the drab interiors of post-war Britain.

He was great lover of the outdoors and capturing its beauty on film. When back into this studio he studied his photos using a view finder, he loved to home in of shapes, texture and colours that occurred. The most interesting sections he worked in repeat patterns. These patterns were used on many materials and products… fabrics, carpets, ceramics etc. 

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